100 Dream Cars The Best of My Ride



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100 Dream Cars The Best of My Ride.

The 100 Dream Cars stories are more than a collection of the standard car stories they will appeal to all of us no matter what type of ride is your ride. You want fast? Step on the gas in a Koenigsegg CCX, Adi R-8, a 62 Lamborghini, 87 Lamborghini Jalpha, or 1970 Pontiac GTO. You want classic? Here are the keys to a 62 Corvette, a 48 Austin A4, a 57 Thunderbird, a 37 Caddy V-16, or a 1930 BMW the oldest beemer in the United States. You want cool? Take a 64 Shelby Cobra, Tesla Model X, a 60 Caddy Coupe de Ville, or Aston Martin Vulcan for a spin. You want one-of-a-kind? How about a 52 Seagrave firetruck, a 1960 amphibious, a 73 VW Thing, or THE Batmobile? Bikes your thing? Hop on an Indian Scout Bobber, a 67 Harley, or a 2009 Harley Street Rod? You also get to meet the owners. There s the story of a pizza-delivery man who dodges polar bears in his Hyundai in the farthest northern town in the country (Barrow, Alaska). The NBA star who endures Los Angeles traffic by having his Tesla drive for him. The retired Kentucky entrepreneur with his 22-foot-long 1937 Cadillac, which he calls the biggest, baddest car that could exist.

Engels, hardcover, 2019, 240 pagina’s, A J Baime.

ISBN 978847866236.

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