Vernasca Silver Flag, Passione da 25 anni


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Vernasca Silver Flag, Passione da 25 anni.

On occasion of the Silver Flag, Castellarquato opens its doors to cars that truly are unique specimens, boasting exceptional sporting histories, some restored, others well used, in original condition, many being multiple award winners. They are the real ‘sirens’ that attract collectors and enthusiasts, drawing them together to marvel at the world’s most beautiful sports cars as they sweep through the bends of the approximately 9 kilometre route.

The volume traces the first 25 editions with exciting images that come from the artistic eye of about thirty famous photographers who have followed the event over the years.

The author of the book, Gaetano Derosa, has always been in the automotive world. Thanks to his skills in the automotive sector, he wanted to pay a dutiful homage to this Piacenza event of international interest.

Engels / Italiaans, hardcover, 2021, Gaetano Derosa.

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