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Ultimate E-type, The Competition Cars.

Fantastisch boek over de race geschiedenis van de legendarische Jaguar E-type.
In dit boek worden de volgende lightweights E-types beschreven; Coombs, First Cunningham, Qvale, Atkins, Lindner, Lumsden/Sargent, Second Cunningham, Third Cunningham, Sutcliffe, Jane, Wilkins, Scragg, Semi-Lightweights, Low Drag Coupé.

Lightweight Es are the ultimate E-types, and this is the ultimate book on these charismatic cars.

This is the full story of the competition E-types that took on the might of the Ferrari and often beat the legendary GTOs and the AC Cobras.  With copious unseen period photographs and original Jaguar reports, the glory years of the ’60s are told as never before, including the build up to the Lightweights and the evolution of the Low Drag versions.

This book is packed full of material to fascinate and inform E-type and motor-racing enthusiasts.
  • A chapter for each of the 12 cars
  • The full Lightweight E story
  • The history of the E2A prototype
  • The development story of Jaguar’s answer to the GTO
  • The driving impressions of E v. Cobra v. GTO
  • Revelations from Adrian Newey
  • Why a fresh water mussel was found in one car!
  • Masses of fresh information
  • The early racers to the final Low Drag Coupés
  • Stunning period and studio photography
  • Over 200 interviewed including Sir Jackie Stewart, Dan Gurney, Roy Salvadori, Martin Brundle, Brian Redman, ‘Whizzo’ Williams, John Coombs…
  • Almost every owner of each car traced
  • Part 1 – Period Story, Part 2 – The Cars, Part 3 – Evaluation

‘Motorsport Book of the Year’, British Sports Book Awards, 2012

‘Book of the Year’, Octane International Motoring Awards, 2011

 GoMW Chairman Richard Aucock: “Philip’s book was a clear winner. This is the first time the Guild has been involved with the British Sports Book Awards and we are delighted the inaugural prize has gone to such an impressive title.”


Boek heeft wat lichte beschadigingen opgelopen aan de hoekjes, papiercover is gerepareerd klein scheurtje, boek is als inkijk exemplaar gebruikt, zeer goed en net exemplaar.

Engels, hardcover, 2011, 528 pagina’s, Philip Porter.

ISBN 9781907085079.


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