Toyota Land Cruiser, 1988 – 1997



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Toyota Land Cruiser, 1988-1997.

Overzicht van autotesten uit de diverse Engelstalige auto magazines door de jaren heen.

By the time Toyota introduced the 7-series Land Cruisers during the 1980s, the brand was well established and stood for ruggedness and reliability in the light 4×4 world. But by this stage, the 4×4 market had also begun to open up; the light 4×4 was no longer a utility vehicle pure and simple, but it had taken on a new dimension of refinement to give it appeal as an alternative to the conventional family estate. First in this market had been the American sport-utilities of the 1960s, followed by the Range Rover in 1970; and then in 1981 Mitsubishi had introduced the Pajero (Shogun) and Isuzu the Trooper (Big Horn or Rodeo). So the 70-series had a new challenge. Not only was it to take up the mantle of the long-established utility and military Land Cruisers, but it also had to present a credible alternative to the new generation of 4×4 estates. This was a difficult balancing act for Toyota, and the 70-series wagons never allowed occupants or owners to forget their utility ancestry, despite a welcome veneer of refinement. However, by the time of the 80-series Land Cruisers which appeared at the end of the 1980s, the Japanese company was able to produce a wholly credible alternative to the luxury 4×4 estates of the day. With the mid-1990s came yet another Land Cruiser range, this time the 90-series which was aimed at the middle range of the 4×4 estate market. Once again a first-rate product, it proved that 45 years of hard-won experience with light 4×4 vehicles had put Toyota out in front of the pack. Now that 4x4s appeal to such a wide market, I have no doubt that this book will have a wide appeal. It is certainly recommended reading for anyone intending to buy a Land Cruiser built in the late 1980s or the first half of the 1990s.

Engels talig, softcover, 100 pagina’s.

ISBN 9781855203990.

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