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The Most Famous Car In The World The Story of the First E-Type


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The Most Famous Car In The World, The Story of the First E-Type.

It is difficult now to imagine the impact which the Jaguar E-type had when it was launched back in 1961. When the average saloon had a top speed of around 70mph and most were desperately dull, the E-type was a revelation and the few examples manufactured in ’61 were literally mobbed. Pre-empting computer aided design, pre-eminent aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer uniquely applied complex mathematical formulae to create the stunning E-type shape. Ironically, this intriguing man hated to be called a stylist, yet he designed what is arguably the most beautiful car ever seen. Today, manufacturers build hundreds of prototypes when developing a new car. Jaguar built just a handful of E-types prior to launch. All were scrapped bar one which was registered 9600 HP. This car did extensive high speed testing on the newly opened M1, was the car that launched the E-type at Geneva in ’61 and was then, road tested extensively by virtually every newspaper and magazine, was the original, and only (due to a few secret modifications), 150mph E-type. Driven by Stirling Moss amongst others, it had a fascinating early life and a succession of interesting owners.
This is the story of the car’s life, the people who created and built this car, the subsequent history, its lapse into decay and its magnificent resurrection, written by the world’s leading expert and writer on the legendary E-type Jaguar, who also owns 9600 HP.

Gebruikt boek in zeer goede en nette staat, als nieuw.

Engels, hardcover, 2000, 248 pagina’s, Philip Porter.

ISBN 075283181X.

EAN 9780752831817.

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Gewicht 1,2 kg
Afmetingen 27 × 21 × 2,5 cm