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The Book of Guinness Advertising


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The Book of Guinness Advertising.

Celebrating over fifty-five years of amusing and entertaining Guinness advertisements, with such memorable characters as the toucan (‘Just think what toucan do’) and the ostrich who swallowed his keeper’s Guinness glass and all!
This book tells the fascinating story of how and why Guinness advertising first began in 1928, and looks at the ways in which it has changed and developed over the years and around the world.
Recalled in these pages are the famous Guinness strong-man carrying his girder, the lumberjack who felled a tree at a stroke, the pelican who carried a week’s supply of Guinness in his bill and the little girl called Alice who had many strange adventures in a Guinness wonderland.
Almost every aspect of Guinness advertising is recorded here, from immortal poster slogans like ‘My Goodness My Guinness!’ and ‘I’ve. never tried it because I don’t like it’ to witty television commercials featuring the talking toucan and the Friends of the Guinnless.
Illustrated throughout with hundreds of pictures (in colour and black & white) including many examples of original artwork and unused designs. Among the famous artists and illustrators whose work is pictured are Ronald Searle, Rex Whistler, Edward Ardizzone, H.M. Bateman, Antony Groves-Raines, Eric Fraser, Emett, Thelwell, Erte, Hoffnung, Giles and the man who, for over twenty years, epitomized Guinness advertising John Gilroy.

Gebruikt boek in goede en nette staat.

Engels, hardcover, 1985, 224 pagina’s, Brian Sibley.

ISBN 0851124003.

EAN 9780851124001.

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