Supercars Built for Speed



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Supercars Built for Speed.

Supercars is a 320-page hardcover book is compact and concise, covering the modern day’s most powerful vehicles.
Starting from 1990’s Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 to the powerful Mustangs, Supras, and EVs of the 2020s, Supercars showcases the transformations that have occurred in the automotive industry in recent decades. With just over 70 cars featured, this book takes a close look at each car with beautiful high-resolution photographs and descriptive articles that aren’t afraid of the technical details. You’ll get to know about your favorite sports cars and luxury cars, but also learn about today’s revolutionary EVs, hybrids, and still to be manufactured prototypes.

Engels, hardcover, 2022, 320 pagina’s.

ISBN 9781639381296.

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