Scarlet Passion, Ferrari’s famed sports prototype and competition sports cars 1962-73



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Scarlet Passion, Ferrari’s sport prototype and competition sports cars 1962-1973.

De periode tussen 1962 en 1973 was een van de interessantste race periodes van Ferrari. Gedurende deze jaren werd er tegen zowel Ford, Porsche als Matra gestreden om de overwinningen in de sportprototype klasse.

The period between 1962 and 1973 was one of the most interesting about the racing sport.
During these years, Ferrari have competed against the Ford, the Porsche of Germany and the French Matra. Cars are presented as 4 litres 330P4, 5 litres and 3 litres 512S 312PB.
In addition to the beautiful pictures, the book offers interviews with personality of the House of Maranello and the experiences of drivers who have raced with these fantastic cars.

Engels, hardcover, 2005, 272 pagina’s, Anthony Pritchard.

ISBN 1859608728. EAN 9781859608722

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