Reparto Corse Lancia Fulvia HF – Birth of a Legend



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Reparto Corse Lancia Fulvia HF – Birth of a Legend.

Reparto Corse Lancia, with a preface by Sandro Munari, recounts the activities of the legendary workshop in Borgo San Paolo, Turin, from 1967 to 1974 under the direction of Gianni Tonti.

This was the period when Lancia’s winning weapon in racing was the Fulvia HF.

The “behind the scenes” during the races are described, concerning mechanics (their profile, professionalism, attachment to the brand), the story of amusing anecdotes, race strategies, the shrewdness of sporting director Cesare Fiorio, technical choices, the activities of drivers and co-drivers, and the story of how a very special Fulvia, such as the barchetta F&M Special, was born and made… and much more.

For each legendary racing coupé prepared at the Turin-based company’s sports department, Tonti drew up a little notebook that reported, from the day of its arrival at the Lancia Racing Department, modifications, updates, races entered, drivers and many other interesting facts.

49 Fulvia HFs were “prepared” from 1967 to 1974 by the Lancia Racing Department. In the present volume, are published the “notes” written by Tonti of the 7 versions considered most significant.

Among these, the glorious “Fulvietta” n° 14 with whom Sandro Munari and Mario Mannucci won the rally of Montecarlo 1972 (about this race has also been published a book, L’incredibile corsa, written by Mattia Losi).

Engels, hardcover, 2022, 300 pagina’s, Groot Formaat Boek, Gianni Tonti, Emanuele Sanfront.

ISBN 9782491819033.

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