Repairing and Restoring Classic Car Components



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Repairing and Restoring Classic Car Components.

Learn how to rescue, repair and restore old components – the knowledge you need to keep a restored car on the road, or to undertake a full rebuild. Unlike with modern cars, classic car hobbyists cannot simply throw away and replace parts when they break. This book will show you basic workshop techniques, such as welding, grinding, riveting and soldering.

You will also learn how to adapt new parts to fit old components, and perform repairs on door locks, fuel pumps, distributors, speedometers, and many other complex parts of your collector car. The authors tell you what jobs can be done with basic hand tools, what specialized equipment might be needed, and which jobs need to be sent out to a professional.

Gebruikt boek in zeer goede en nette staat, als nieuw.

Engels, hardcover, 2001, 160 pagina’s, peter and John Wallage. Haynes publication.

ISBN 1859606946.

EAN 9781859606940.

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