Rally Navigation Develop Winning Skills with Advice from the Experts

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Rally Navigation Develop Winning Skills with Advice from the Experts.

Written by an international rally journalist and photographer, this is a collection of interviews with experts covering aspects of present-day rally navigation. This book combines the expertise, experience, and anecdotes of a number of drivers and co-drivers. It covers the equipment, preparation, finance, character suitability, and tricks of the trade, with reference to club/road rallies, the British National Championship/one make series and the British Open Championship – featuring both private and works teams, classic car rallies (stage and road), cross country and desert rallying and rally team co-ordinators. The author is a former professional co-driver and 1971 national champion.

Gebruikt boek in zeer goede en nette staat.

Engels, softcover, 1997, 184 pagina’s, Martin Holmes.

ISBN 1859604005.

EAN 9781859604007.

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