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Frank de Veer
Frenky Autodokumentatie

Porsche 928


Artikelnummer: porsche928-1855206757 Categorie:


Porsche 928 Gold Portfolio.


Overzicht van autotesten uit de diverse Engels talig automagazines.


I can well remember seeing a 928 for the first time, back in 1977, and wondering how anybody could even conceive of that check upholstery, let alone live with it. I also had my doubts about what Porsche were up to: was this a front-engined V8 supercar aimed specifically at the American market, and were Porsche about to ditch their allegiance to flat-sixes and rear-mounted engines? I need not have worried. The 911 with its flat-six mounted at the rear is still with us, and has never been more highly regarded. And, paradoxically, the last versions of the 928 are also held in higher esteem than any versions before them. The 928 certainly did come as a shock at the end of the 1970’s and it took a few years before it gained acceptance among enthusiasts. However, progressive development in the Porsche tradition produced a progressively better car. There was the 928S in 1979, the 32-valve 5-litre engine in 1986, the 928GT in 1989 and 928GTS in 1992. The Weissach engineers used the 928 as their technological flagship: it was the first car to have onboard tyre-pressure checking, the first with a full diagnostic system, and the first with an electronically controlled differential. This Brooklands Gold Portfolio provides both inspiration and nostalgia for 928 enthusiasts, inspiration to get out on the road and enjoy their cars, and nostalgia for the early days when 928s were controversial cars, and few and far between. The evolution of the 928 is traced through international articles from its inception in 1977 & include road & comparison tests, new model intros, history of the marque together with advice on selecting a used 928.


Models covered: 928, S, S2, S4, Club Sport, GT & GTS. 


Engelstalig, softcover, 176 pagina’s.

ISBN 1855206757.

ISBN 9781855206755.

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Afmetingen 27,00 × 21,00 × 1,00 cm