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Porsche 911, 1965-1969.


Overzicht van autotesten uit de diverse Engels talig automagazines.


The first entirely new Porsche in 16 years the body of the 911 was completely new yet unmistakably Porsche. It came with disc brakes all round and a 5-speed manual box, the engine being a flat 6. As a result of racing development the 911S was introduced in 1966 with a net power of 160bhp, Weber carburettors and a top speed of 137mph. American emission laws drove Porsche to develop a mechanical fuel injection system which also gave more power, they called the model 911E.


This is a book of contemporary road tests, new model introductions, development history, technical & specification data, long-term tests & driver’s impressions.


Models covered: 911, 911S, 911L, 911E, Sportomatic, Targa.


Engelstalig, softcover, 100 pagina’s.

ISBN 0948207116.

ISBN 9780948207112.

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