Pininfarina Arte e Industria, 1930-2000


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Pininfarina Art e Industria, 1930-2000.

The history, the present, and the future of automotive design – and other types of design as well – a fascinating adventure that travels the streets and roads of the twentieth century and the new millenium. This book offers an account of Pininfarina history, from workshop to factory, to industrial group, under the aegis of innovation without ever forgetting tradition. Interviews with major figures in the world of automobiles offer a point of view that is at times surprising, a direct and varied testimonial. Sweeping through more than a thousand pictures, we see automobiles and objects, characters and events, an arc of time spanning nearly a century, crowded with successes. A vivid and unusual monographic work exploring the society, industrial history, and creativity of the last century. Also available in English.

Italiaans, hardcover, 2000, 388 pagina’s,  Antoine Prunet.

ISBN 9788879112239.

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