Motorcycle Dream Garages



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Motorcycle Dream Garages.

You want to be on your motorcycle on the open road–but if you can’t, then the next best place is the garage. There old bikes are restored, wild custom come to life, and friendships are made of beer, b.s., and bruised knuckles. These are the garages where this book takes you–from the old firehouse to the lavishly finished tin shed to the plain old two-car attached structure harboring the treasured bike while the family car sits out in the weather. “Motorcycle Dream Garages” opens the doors to sixteen palaces for two-wheeled work and play, among them a secret one in Chicago housing over one hundred rare and collectible bikes at a location known only to members of an underground club; a converted firehouse in St. Paul; a marble palace in Washington DC; and a variety of luxury motorcycle garages owned by racers and celebrities both in the US and Europe.

Engels, hardcover, 2009, 192 pagina’s, Lee Klancher.

ISBN 9780760335505.

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