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Monteverdi Geschichte einer Schweizer Automarke.


Biographie und Dokumentation.


Portrait of Peter Monteverdi and Company History of Automobile MONTEVERDI


Peter Monteverdi was born on June 7, 1934 in Binningen (BL/Switzerland) and died there on July 4, 1998. He was a private Swiss racing driver, car constructor and founder of the automobile marque MONTEVERDI. His father, Rosolino Monteverdi, had operated a service garage and truck-repair business from 1924 to 1956.


After graduating from school Peter Monteverdi undertook his apprenticeship as an automotive mechanic at the tractor manufacturing firm of Vevey and completed his training at the Swiss commercial vehicle manufacturer Saurer in Arbon. Following his father’s death in 1956, when he was 22 years old, Peter Monteverdi took over the company in Binningen and, changing its nature, developed it into a dealership for luxury-class automobiles and as a manufacturer of racing cars of his own design. As of 1967 originally designed GT-, sports cars and luxury vehicles were produced under the name of MONTEVERDI.


Deutsch, hardcover, 212 pages, 2016 herausgabe by Paul Berger.

Der inhalt umfasst 470 abbildungen, davon 215 in farbe; 37 farbbildseiten sowie 6 schwarz-weiss-bildseiten.

ISBN 9783033059535.

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