Mille Miglia 1947 – 1957



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Mille Miglia 1947-1957, Orrizonte Perduto, Lost Horizon.

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From this book a renewed story of the Mille Miglia comes out. There are 960 pages and 386 images (almost all unpublished) that highlight, as never before, the heart of the Mille Miglia. Published, once unveiled in the S. Eufemia Archive (Mille Miglia Museum), are the unreleased partial time charts and the final rankings from 1947 to 1956 of the most famous road race. Through the story of the sportive events we tried to understand why the pilots, whichever the vehicle driven was, a Fiat Topolino or a Ferrari, raced for an authentic, tragic, eternal love on the road.

English / Italian text, 960 pages, 2018, Carlo Dolcini.

ISBN 9788894398908.

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