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Land Rover Military One-Tonne


A fully illustrated history of the Land Rover 101 One-Tonne – the forward-control military vehicle developed as a gun tractor for the British Army, in production from 1975-1978. Including specification guides, production histories and original photography, Land Rover Military One-Tonne is an essential guide to these small yet powerful 4 x 4 vehicles.


– Design and protypes, from 6-cylinder to V8 and the abandoned powered-axle trailers.

– The 101 in British military service between 1975 and 1998, including home and overseas deployments.

– The 101 variants – ambulances, Rapier tractors, hard-bodied versions for electronic warfare and special field conversions.

– Sales to overseas military authorities.

– Advice on buying and owning a 101 today.


English, softcover, 160 pages, 2015, James Taylor.

ISBN 9781847978912.


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