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Military Vehicles and Artillery Series Military Jeeps


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Military Vehicles and Artillery Series Military Jeeps.

In 2021, as the Jeep celebrates its 80th anniversary, there is no doubt that itis one of the world’s most famous automobiles. The utility 4×4 machine was designed to help win a war – something that it did with aplomb – and a legend was born, spawning both evolved models that remain in production to this day and numerous imitators around the globe. The Jeep also led to the establishment of four-wheeling as a form of recreation, something else that has spread around the globe. The idea of preserving wartime Jeeps as classic vehicles with a tangible link to World War Two became established during the 1970s and, over 50 years, has become ever more popular and led to the formation of organizations such as the MVPA. This book looks at the history of military Jeeps made by Willys and Ford in the US, as well as the likes of Hotchkiss and NEKAF in Europe. Illustrated with over 220 photographs, this book provides an up-to-date view of Jeeps within the military vehicle preservation scene.

Engels, paperback, 2021, 96 pagina’s, John Carroll.

ISBN 9781802821307.

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