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MGA & Twincam gold portfolio, 1955-1962.


Overzicht van autotesten door de jaren heen uitgekomen in de diverse Engelse automagazines.


Announced in 1955 to replace the TF the MGA was a radical change to the older cars. It had a streamlined and curvaceous full-width body. This was a car in need of extra performance and in 1958 the Twin-Cam came with a twin-overhead-camshaft, 1588cc version of the B-series engine. Like many other short run vehicles the Twin-Cam has attained cult status and is the model to get. The cars to benefit from this development were the 1600 and Mk II with larger engines and good performance. This is a book of contemporary road tests, new model intros, driver’s reports, racing, touring, buying guide & history.


Covered: 1489cc, Coupe, EX181, 1588cc Twin Cam, Peco Supercharged, 1600, 1600 Mk II & Mk II Competition. 180 pages, 450 illus.


English, softcover, 180 pages.

ISBN 9781855208629.

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