Martin Brundle Scrapbook



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Martin Brundle Scrapbook.

Starting his career with banger racing as a child, Martin Brundle routinely beat adults on the track. Brundle would go on to beat some of the biggest names in motor sports.

The Martin Brundle Scrapbook is a fascinating look at his remarkable career. You’ll see his battles with Senna, experience being F1 team members with legends like Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen, his luminary TV career, to name a few.

This massive book is loaded with Brundle’s own memorabilia and contributions from over 50 personalities in the racing world. It all makes for an informative, surprising, and humorous romp through the life and times of an incredible figure.

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Engels, hardcover, 2013, 256 pagina’s, Philip Porter & Martin Brundle.

ISBN 9781907085123.

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