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Frank de Veer
Frenky Autodokumentatie

Le Rallye Monte-Carlo au XXe Si̬cle 1911 Р2000


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 Le Rallye Monte-Carlo au XXe siècle 1911-2000


The Monte Carlo Rally event organised each year by the Automobile Club de Monaco must surely be one of the most famous events in the Rallying world. From its inception in 1911 this rally, under difficult and demanding conditions, was an important means of testing the latest improvements and innovations to cars. Winning the rally gave the car a great deal of credibility and publicity. Many books have been written about the legendary history and major incidents of the Monte Carlo Rally saga. What has been missing is a truly accurate reference work narrating the major episodes and lesser-known stories that have sculpted the image of this motoring monument. Congratulations are due to the research and talent of Maurice Louche who has now fulfilled that missing gap. In this publication containing 1800 photographs, he has managed to bring to life the extraordinary odyssey of this event, as captivating today as it was in the past. Enthusiasts will be enchanted by the quality of the work and the amount of information contained in both these dual language volumes covering 1911-1972 and 1973 -2000, where the super reference and index tables make finding entrant information so simple.


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Engels / Frans talig, hardcover en slipcase, 2001, deel 1; 408 pagina’s, deel 2; 351, Maurice Louche.

ISBN 2950073859.

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Gewicht 4,5000 kg
Afmetingen 30,00 × 25,00 × 6,50 cm