Lancia da Corsa Appia Zagato



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Lancia da Corsa Appia Zagato

The author’s willingness to write a book about Appia Zagato dates back to 1986, after the purchase of his first GTE of 1960.

Zagato, or rather the Zagato generations, have been coachbuilders whose surname has always evoked lightness, class and sportiness, since the first post-war period and up to the present day.

The experience gained over the years of restorations, research, articles written for club magazines and local newspapers is found condensed between these pages.

That’s why the author gives us more than a good book. What is entrusted to the press is the fulfillment of a need, a popular tool, an element of consultation and deepening.

Everything started as a result of experiences gained after errors, guessed choices and restorations completed first in a clumsy way, and then with more and more experience.

Italiaans, hardcover, 2019, 525 pagina’s, Gino Giugno, Loris Chioetto.

ISBN 9788890922015.

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