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Frank de Veer
Frenky Autodokumentatie

Lamborghini Urraco, Silhouette, Jalpa


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Lamborghini Urraco, includes the Silhouette and Jalpa




• The first book about the V8 Lamborghinis in 25 years

• Amazing tales from the owners themselves

• What to look out for when buying a V8 Lamborghini

• Unique interviews with key men behind the Urraco

• Detailed history of the Urraco and its V8 relatives

• Hundreds of previously unpublished pictures

• Written by a hardcore Lamborghini V8 enthusiast



This book tells the amazing story of the Lamborghini Urraco. It describes the problems that beset this little supercar, and why it never got the chance it truly deserved. After its demise, the Urraco lived on in the form of the Silhouette and the Jalpa, and both these models are also covered in detail in the pages of this book. The unique Bravo and Athon concept cars are also described.

Featuring detailed advice for potential buyers, as well as over 300 photos and illustrations, this is a fascinating and practical account of a future supercar classic.



The Lamborghini Urraco: the little baby Lambo that was meant to beat the Porsche 911 and Ferrari 308, but which instead ran into a myriad of problems. This book describes what really happened, and why the car never got the chance it deserved.

The Urraco lived on in the form of the Silhouette and the Jalpa; the latter greatly responsible for keeping the Lamborghini brand alive in the 1980s. The full story of these V8 Lamborghinis is recorded in these pages, with exclusive interviews from the leading figures behind the cars. The book also includes detailed advice on what to look out for when buying one of these future supercar classics.

Hundreds of amazing photos, most never before published makes this the ultimate book on the V8 Lamborghinis.

Independent Reviews


“Author Landsem gives a comprehensive study of the design, development and realisation of Lamborghini’s junior supercar of the Seventies in a story that sees design flair and automotive high art set against political upheaval and economic unrest. Useful and entertaining.” – Classic Cars


“The key figures at the factory feature throughout the book, including New Zealander Bob Wallace, Balboni and Paolo Stanzini, all of whom are able to put the car into perspective in the company’s troubled times … another real strength is the use made of many photos from Bertone, who were responsible for the look of the car.” – Classic Driver

Additional Information


Period covered: 1970-1990.


Engelstalig, hardcover, 208 pagina’s.

ISBN 9781845842864.

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Gewicht 1,8000 kg
Afmetingen 26,00 × 26,00 × 2,50 cm