Il Grande Libro Delle Giardinette FIAT e altre familiari Italiane


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il grande libro delle Giardinette Fiat, e altre familiari italiane. (The great book of Fiat Station Wagons and other Italian Estate cars)

Een overzicht van alle door Fiat geproduceerde wagonnette – camionnette – familiari modellen vanaf Le 500 Topolino in 1948.

Giardiniera, Belvedere, Panorama, Station Wagon, Weekend, Multiwagon. From the Second World War until today, such vehicles have changed names many times, but their spirit has always been the same: practicality and versatility. First, they were working vehicles, but they later evolved into highly popular statements of fashion and transport for daily use. From the wood-trimmed station wagons like the Topolino to modern production such as the Tempra, Marea, the single volume Ulysse and MPVs like the Idea and Doblò. All richly illustrated in a volume containing many period photographs and great detail with exhaustive technical specifications.

Italiaans, hardcover, 2007, 188 pagina’s, Alessandro Sannia.

ISBN 9788879114011.

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