GIORDANI Il mito delle auto a pedali/the pedal car legend



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GIORDANI Il mito delle auto a pedali / the pedal car legend. LIMITED EDITION OF 750 COPIES.

De mythe van de trapauto’s geproduceerd door Giordani.

Giordani’s pedal cars represented an authentic dream for more than one generation of children who, at the wheel of these extraordinary scale cars, were able to step into the shoes of their favourite drivers, even if only in their own backyard.
Objects of many shapes and colours, masterpieces of a craftsmanship lost to us today, metal-bodied pedal cars tell a unique and unrepeatable story, one traced in this invaluable book from their origins to the dawn of the 1970s when plastic overwhelmed the world of toys, just as it did to the rest of society.
This book – which sold out its first edition and is still much sought after by collectors – is an authentic journey back in time with hundreds of documents and photographs, in colour and black and white, together with a painstaking historical reconstruction written by in-depth connoisseurs of this fascinating, but now lost universe.

Engels / Italiaans, hardcover, 2023, 384 pagina’s, Gigi Soldano, Piero Pini.

ISBN 9788879119191.

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