Fords of the Sixties



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Fords of the Sixties.

Continuing his classic series on the Ford Motor Company, Michael Parris gives us the inside stories of Ford during the Total Performance sixties.

This decade brought us the Falcon, the Mustang, Shelby Cobras, and motorsports wins from Indy and NASCAR to Trans-Am and Le Mans. Nothing was beyond the grasp of Henry Ford II and his great company.

Style and auto racing were playing an important role in Ford’s growth. Henry still called the shots, Iacocca brought on the Mustang, and Carroll Shelby gave Ford the international respect in racing it sought. Henry wanted to buy, but Ferrari wasn’t selling. So he turned Shelby loose with his Cobras and then the GT40s—Le Mans belonged to Ford. And, in NASCAR, drivers including

Fireball Roberts, Fred Lorenzen and Curtis Turner were lighting the southern speedways on fire.
Ford during the sixties was about more than just auto racing. The company had stylish, hot-selling models like Falcon and Mustang. Profits were big and money was being spent on beautiful body designs, high-performance engines and new muscle cars. When the horsepower challenge came from GM, Ford was ready. Fairlane and Mustang GT models came charging off the assembly line by the thousands, and they all had thunder under their hoods. Engines ranging from the semi-Hemi 429 and high-rise 427 to the Boss 302 were facing off with GTOs on every street in America.

Fords of the Sixties is full of beautiful photography and inside stories from the men who brought Ford its design and performance success throughout the decade. Stories never before heard are drawn from first-hand interviews and in- depth research from the archives of Ford Motor Company. If you want the inside story of Ford, this all-color classic is a must for your library.

Gebruikt boek in zeer goede en nette staat.

Engels, paperback, 2004, 180 pagina’s, Michael Parris.

ISBN 1931128162.

EAN 9781931128162.

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