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Fiat 126 fuoriserie.

The Fiat 126 was the object of interesting conversions in the complex scenario of the 1970s, from concept cars that studied innovative solutions for urban mobility to spartan off-road light vehicles for leisure.

It was then found on the race track, trying to continue the epic of twin-cylinder racing cars that began and grew with the legendary 500.

Finally, it enjoys a second life in Eastern Europe, thanks to models produced in Poland, which serve as the basis for sports cars, small cabriolets, dune buggies and kit cars.

A very diverse and colourful automotive universe, which this book describes in detail.

The book includes all the one-off versions of the following cars:

  • Fiat 126 (1972/1976)
  • Fiat 126 Personal (1976/1985)
  • Fiat 126 FSM (1985/2000)
  • Fiat 126 Bis (1987/1991)
  • and their Polski-Fiat derivatives.

Fiat derivates; Adriano, Amber, Audisio & Benvenuto, Autoklinika, Auto Mirage, Auto-Styl Siekierski, Bartek, Bosmal, Calsky Design, Car-Craft, Cars International, Chojnacki, Colo, Cool Car, Coupes, Dash, DIM, Dove, Fibra Studio, Fiore, Fissore, FIVES, Fontana, Foulkes, Francis Lombardi, Fusioncars, Galopin, Gamma, Garavello, Giacomelli, Giannini, Giletti, Göbler, Gozzoli, IFSK, Indestor, Ital Cars, JAK, Lavazza, Luicar, Malubats, Marden, Matuška, MCA, Michelotti, Mixe, Moretti, Moto Plast, NCF, Pop, RAK, Rhino,
Ruhstrat, Saccone, Sapper, Savio, Saunders. Schabs, Scioneri, Scoiattolo, Sigma, Simod, Steinwinter, Tamburini, Tragl, VDR, WZM 5, ZMB, ZTE.

Italiaans / Engels, paperback, 2021, 52 pagina’s, Alessandro Sannia, Il Cammello.

ISBN 9788896796733.

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