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Ferrari all the cars.


This edition has been updated to spring 2015. It includes over 200 designs by the prestigious artist and illustrator Giorgio Alisi, and covers the history of the Prancing Horse model-by-model, from 1940 – the year of the 815 Auto Avio Costruzione – to today, with current production cars. In this ’virtual gallery’ the entire production of Ferrari appears in chronological order, sub-divided into grand tourers, sports racers and Formula 1 single-seaters. Each design is supported by a technical specification and text that illustrates the main technical and sporting characteristics. This new update of the book includes a list of Maranello’s cars, enriched by the 458 Italia Speciale and LaFerrari; they made their debut in 2013 to be joined by the California T (2014), the car that brought back the turbocharger, just like the F14 T with which Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen competed for the 2014 Formula 1 World Championship. 


English, hardcover, 454 pages, 2015.

ISBN 9788879116084.

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