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Grand Luxe Sportif


By Martin Buckley


Facel Vega was the conception of Jean Daninos, a playboy French industrialist who wanted to create an international marque with the urge and the luxury to appeal to connoisseurs of all nationalities.


Only 3000 of his cars were produced between 1954 and 1964 yet it is a marque that attracted more interest and generated more excitement – and become the subject of more myth – than many more sober makes with histories ten times as long. Few first time makers have ever established their identity with such a swift, sure touch as this Franco-American Grand Routier, and classic Chrysler V8-engined models like the HK500 and Facel II still count among the mid 20th century’s most potently glamorous automotive status symbols.


Facel Vega Grand Luxe Sportif includes over 350 photographs on 300 pages and measures 290 x 240 mm.  It is the first book to look in depth at the people, the politics and the products of this most glamorous of French makes, interwoven with a detailed account of the career of Jean Daninos from his early days working for Citröen, his contracts with Simca, his imposing coachbuilt Facel-Bentley cars and an analysis of the fatal stumble of the Facellia.


English, hardcover + slipcase, 312 pages.

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