Dream Garages



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Dream Garages.

Kijkje achter de garage deuren waar prachtige collectie automobielen en automobilia staan in prive collecties die niet of nauwelijks worden getoond aan het publiek.

For car and motorcycle enthusiasts there is scarcely a more sacred space than the garage. This is where it all happens: the restoring of relics and resurrecting of wrecks, the polishing of tall tales and tail fins and friendships formed over a shared passion for automotive speed and style. Dream Garages takes the reader into over 20 of these havens for the motor-mad. Some are beautifully conceived automotive shrines, some are grease-monkey heavens, and others are accidental creations. Dream Garages offers a profile of each garage and its owner, along with fabulous images from top automotive photographers including Peter Vincent, Robert Genat, James Mann, and David Gooley.

Boek is in zeer goede en nette staat.

Engels, hardcover, 2006, 192 pagina’s, Kris Palmer.

ISBN 9780760326763.

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