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The lure of the classic car is undeniable, and one of the quintessential features of any classic car is the dashboard. In gleaming metal, polished wood or padded leather, the dashboard has always expressed the nuances of a car’s individual character. Whether in a single-seater racing car or a family saloon, it is here that function meets form, that ergonomics meets style. Through the expert photography of over 50 monumental cars, this book presents the reader with a broad spectrum of luxury and inventiveness: from the engine-turned metal of the 1937 Cord to the sporting pedigree of the 1953 Aston Martin DB 2/4. David Holland, a meticulous collector and restorer of cars over many years, has devoted his passion and expertise to bring to the reader a wealth of automobile experiences from the past, when many cars were finished by hand. Each classic dashboard is lovingly described and photographed in detail, making this a magnificent book for the general aesthete, just as much as for the enthousiatic connoisseur.

Gebruikt boek in goede en nette staat.

Engels, softcover, 1994, 224 pagina’s, Bart Holland.

ISBN 0714838632.

EAN 9780714838632.


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