Dallara L’Arte della Velocità – the art of speed



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Dallara L’Arte della Velocità – the art of speed.

Capolavori nella Dallara Aademy – Mastepieces in the Dallara Academy.

A journey through Dallara Automobili, with a “stop” on its multifaceted activities, linked to racing cars and the most advanced projects.
In particular, the book focuses on the Dallara Academy and the diverse proposals, designed to entertain visitors. Special attention is dedicated to the Dallara Museum, which houses about thirty extraordinary cars, direct protagonists of the history of the Varano de’ Melegari company.
The “catalogue” of the cars, with the official descriptions of Dallara itself, represents the most characteristic part of the book, also conceived to highlight the exhibition “The Art of Speed”, based on the artworks that the painter Alfonso Borghi has created to celebrate the company’s 50 years of activity.
A combination that led to a special intervention by Giampaolo Dallara himself: how many times, during his long and celebrated career, has the great engineer from Varano been the subject of an interview? The number is certainly extremely high, but for this book he was asked to dedicate space to an unconventional topic: the relationship between a racing car and a traditional work of art.
An opportunity to explore the concept of “artistic beauty”, traditionally linked to painting and sculpture, relative to racing and road cars.
The book includes a precise analysis carried out by engineer Dallara on the theme of “winning beauty”, with a basic consideration: Why do racing cars, in most cases, reveal an attractive appearance, when this element is not minimally taken into consideration by the designers?

Engels / Italiaans, paperback, 2022, 112 pagina’s, Daniele Buzzonetti, Artioli editore.

ISBN 9788877921994.

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