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Cosworth and Ford The Road Cars. The Insiders View.

The tuning and engine company Cosworth was founded in 1958 and very soon forged a close association with Ford, but it was not until 1986 that the first Cosworth-badged Ford road car went on sale. This car, an Escort, was the first in a long and famous line of high-performance Cosworth and RS Fords that graced the garages of keen drivers and the bedroom walls of teenagers across Europe for over ten years. This meticulously researched book by Ford expert Graham Robson tells the full story of the Cosworth Escort, Sierra, and Scorpio in road and rally guises. Including much new information and a wealth of illustrations from the Ford archives, this book is a must for all admirers of these sporting cars.

Engels, hardcover, 2006, 191 pagina’s, Graham Robson.

ISBN10: 1861268386.
ISBN13: 9781861268389.

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