Cord Automobiles L-29 and 810/812 Photo Archive



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Cord Automobiles L-29 and 810/812 Photo Archive.

The decade of the thirties witnessed the apogee of the golden age of classic cars. The Cord automobile, in both versions, with its spectacular style and advanced technology was without doubt one of the most extraordinary cars to be built during its era. The Cord automobile, as well as Cord the man, has from its genesis signified innovation, power, and mystique. Those Cords that survive continue to inspire and influence the design of modern automobiles. Spectacular photographs combined with in-depth captions tell the story. Includes a concise and informative history of Cord, both the company and the man.

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Engels, softcover, 2004, 128 pagina’s, Jon M Bill.

ISBN 1583881026.

EAN 9781583881026.

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