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Coachwork on Ferrari V12 roadcars 1948-1989.


Of all the great cars to bear the Ferrari name, none are as much loved, as widely respected or as lusted after as the classic V12 road cars built between 1948 and 1989. Their stunning performance was matched by the equally stunning beauty of their hand-crafted coachwork, which came from the finest carrozzerie in Italy – and, occasionally, elsewhere. Their creations on Ferrari chassis have frequently achieved the sublime.Here the coachbuilders, among them Bertone, Farina, Ghia, Scaglietti, Pinin Farina, Touring and Vignale, are dealt with in A-Z order, with their history, designers and design philosophy reviewed, accompanied by colour photography of outstanding cars featuring their coachwork and shot from a number of angles including the interiors. The photography is by the leading British car photographer Simon Clay, and the text by the well-known automotive historian Dr James Taylor, whose A-Z of European Coachbuilders is being prepared for publication. Coachwork on Ferrari V12 Road Cars presents an authoritative review of the often faultless, sometimes audacious, styling of what are now the most treasured and most expensive classic cars in the world.


Engelstalig, hardcover, 160 pagina’s, 2016, James Taylor.

ISBN 9781906133696.

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