Classic and Sports Car Magazine A-Z of Cars 1945-1970



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Classic and Sports Car Magazine A-Z of Cars 1945-1970.

From Abarth to Zaporozhets, this is the illustrated encyclopaedia of every make of British and European car sold in Britain from the end of the Second World War to 1970. Some 1000 cars are illustrated and described in alphabetical order, by manufacturer. There are comprehensive notes on each model’s production dates and numbers, recognition features, variants, strengths and weaknesses.

Gebruikt boek in zeer goede en nette staat, stempel op 13 pagina, mooi net boek.

Engels, paperback, 1986-1993-2010-2014-2016, Michael Sedgwick, Mark Gillies, Jon Pressnell.

ISBN 9781906133269.

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