Citroen daring to be different


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Citroën daring to be different. Haynes classic makes series H896.

Citroën has always been a pioneering car manufacturer, with a long line of original, advanced designs and a tradition of engineering excellence and innovation. In over 80 years of production, Citroën has produced no fewer than 28 distinct families of vehicles, many achieving cult status with enthusiasts of the marque. Told with great expertise and panache, here is the full post-war story of Citroën cars, encompassing such favourites as the radical Traction Avant, iconic DS and cheeky 2CV. Includes technical data, driving impressions and buying advice.

Gebruikt boek in goede en nette staat, papiercover heeft kleine beschadigingen opgelopen, mooi net boek.

Engels, hardcover, 2004, 160 pagina’s, John Reynolds.

ISBN 1859608965.

EAN 9781859608968.

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