Citroën 2 CV le vetture che hanno fatto la storia


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Citroën 2CV, le vetture che hanno fatto la storia.

“A four-wheeled platform with an umbrella on top”, designed for customers who live in the French countryside, who needed two seats with their cargo of products to sell at the market. That is how Citroën conceived the car that became famous for its robustness and reliability, which undertook incredible tasks throughout the world, even achieved motor sport success and was able to transcend the history of the car and social trends. Seventy years after the 2CV’s introduction, this book enables readers to live once more the successful career of this grand utility vehicle, which was able to go way beyond its original role as a car of the people to become a symbol, a standard bearer for more than a generation, a consecrated myth of practicality and, perhaps, a legend on four wheels. More than a car, a way of life …

Italiaans, softcover, 2008, 96 pagina’s, Giancarlo Catarsi.

ISBN 9788879114509.

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