Carlo’s Lepro’s Giulia the first winning GTA



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Carlos Lepro’s Giulia The first winning GTA

Carlos “Yuyo” and “Italia Imbavagliata” Giulia Sprint GTA, are the main protagonists of the story told in this book.
The car was one of the first GTA prepared by Autodelta.
With the passage of time and the owner that the car became leggendeari.
“Italia imbavagliata” mor young in a car accident but leave behind the unforgettable competitive victories: ‘ Grand Prize ‘ in 1965 and ‘ La Mar y Sierras ‘ in 1966.
Of course the text accompanied by several photographs of the era.

Engels, hardcover, 2007, 280 pagina’s, Bernardo D. Martinez MD. ISBN 97889872368807.


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