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Build your own kit car.

In Build Your Own Kit Car, renowned kit car expert Steve Hole presents a comprehensive guide to planning, managing and executing a kit car build. The first part of the book covers:

The history of kit cars: detailing the innovations the kit car industry has made in car building technology, and how companies like Westfield and Caterham have become household names

Types of kit cars, including the differences between kits, replicas and one-off builds,

  • Choosing the right car for you
  • Budgeting for your build
  • Setting up your workspace, tools needed and workshop safety
  • Building techniques

The second half of the book takes you through a full build project, from chassis, brakes, suspension and engine through to trimming and interiors. The last chapters of the book set out clearly and simply how to get your kit car tested and registered, and guide you through the associated regulations. Each chapter gives lists of useful contacts to help you find the best resources for your kit car build.

Whether you are planning on building a blisteringly quick trackday car, classic roadster or eccentric road car, Build Your Own Kit Car has all the resources and information you need to build and enjoy your own unique automotive creation.

Engels, paperback, 2013, 192 pagina’s, Stee Hole.

ISBN 9781847975461.

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