BMW 7 series, 1977 – 1986



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BMW 7 series performance portfolio, 1977-1986.


Verzameling van autotesten uit de diverse engelse autobladen door de jaren heen.


It took BMW a long time recover from the 1950s, when a disparate model-range and some poor business decisions nearly sank the company for good. Recovery began with the dynamic new Neue Klasse 1500 saloon in 1961, and went on with the much-loved 02 sports saloon derivatives later in the decade. Big saloons followed in 1968, but it was not until a decade later that the company really felt confident enough to tackle the market-leaders in the luxury saloon class. The first 7 series, coded E23, appeared in 1977 and was a bold statement of the company’s abilities and intentions. Reliability was not its strongest point at first, and in Germany it was said for a time that an early 7-series was the car most likely to be found broken-down at the side of an Autobahn. Yet BMW quickly rode out that storm, and over the next nine years the 7-series went from strength to strength. The big six cylinder engines for which BMW was so famous started at 2.8 litres capacity and went on right up to 3.5 litres. Indeed, there would have been an even larger-capacity V12 if the 1979 fuel crisis had not intervened. Instead, BMW developed the formidable turbocharged big six for the 745i, which was the car which really began to worry Mercedes-Benz in the early 1980s. Despite their size, these BMWs handle with astonishing fluidity and accelerate with all the vigour of much smaller and lighter cars. It is arguable that their lines have dated now, but there is still a balance to them which arouses comment and commands respect. They are not cheap to keep in tip top condition, but that does not stop enthusiasts digging deep into their pockets to enjoy the privilege of running one of these fine Bavarian luxury cruisers.


The larger 7 Series was designed to compete with Mercedes Benz and Jaguar; over the years six-cylinder engine progressively grew from 2.8-litres up to 3.5-litres. Articles includes road & comparison tests, driving impressions & buying second hand. Models covered: 733i, 728, Hardy & Beck, 735i, 732i, 745i, Alpina B10 & L7. A total of 140 fully illustrated pages.


English, softcover, 140 pages, zwart-wit fotografie.

ISBN 185520486X.

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