BMW 2002, 1968-1976 Gold Portfolio


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BMW 2002, 1968-1976 Gold Portfolio.

The 2002 began as the brainchild of Max Hoffmann who wanted a car to follow up the 1600 in the USA. Because of emission regulations the logical choice was the 2-litre engine from the larger saloons. The car was announced in 1968 and was so popular that it sold more than 300,000 examples over the seven years of its production. There were a range of derivatives and when the last 2002 was produced in 1975 the grand total was just under 418,000. This is a collection of road tests, specification and technical data, comparison and drivers’ reports and buying secondhand. Models included are: 2002, 2002 Auto, 2002Ti, 2002 Alpina, 2002Tii, 2002 Turbo, 2002 Cabrio, 2002S, 2002 Touring.

Gebruikt boek in zeer goede en nette staat.

Engels, paperback, 1993, 172 pagina’s, Brooklands Books.

ISBN 1855202204.

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