BMW 2002, 1968 – 1976



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BMW 2002 Ultimate Portfolio 1968-1976 : The Story of One of BMW’s Truly Classic Models is Told Through 74 Contemporary Articles – Models: 2002 Ti, Tii, Turbo and Alpina.


The 2002 began as the brainchild of Max Hoffmann, BMW’s US importer, who wanted a car to follow up the 1600-2. Hoffman suggested using the 2-liter engine from its larger saloons, which would give excellent performance even in emissions-controlled form. The BMW engineers did as Hoffmann suggested and the result took the motoring world by storm on its announcement in 1968. So popular did the 2002 become that it went on to sell more than 300,000 examples over the seven years of its production. The original 2002 was complemented by a whole range of derivatives – convertible, hatchback touring models and finally, the legendary 2002 Turbo. The 2002 models are widely and rightly recognized as classics of their period and enjoy a large and committed following. This book forms an invaluable reference work and will be welcomed by enthusiasts everywhere.


English, softcover, 208 pages.

ISBN 9781855207370.

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