Bizzarrini the genius behind Ferrari’s 250 GTO



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Bizzarrini the genius behind Ferrari’s 250 GTO.

The second expanded edition of a volume is the result of an incredible photographic and historical research.
The life and history of Giotto Bizzarrini, extraordinary man with revolutionary ideas that built and dressed machines that still impress for their beauty and high performance.
The volume includes data sheets, detailed chassis numbers, original colors and a brief history of each Bizzarrini created both in factory “Woodpecker”, founded by Giotto, in both study centres of the major car manufacturers, including Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, ASA, Lamborghini, Iso Rivolta, but especially Ferrari.
sports history included.

Engels, hardcover, 2008, 2nd edition, 397 pagina’s, Philippe Olczyk.

ISBN 9789952800241.

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