Beasts from the East Japans Ultimate Performance Cars



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Beasts from the East Japans Ultimate Performance Cars.

Japanese car manufacturers have a long tradition of producing outstanding sports and performance cars. Sometimes they are extreme versions of core models, such as the Honda Civic Type-R and Nissan Sunny GTI-R, and sometimes out-and-out purpose-designed sporting classics, such as the Datsun 240Z/260Z and Mazda MX-5. There has been steadily growing interest in the Japanese car scene in recent years, with grey imports of performance models having become particularly popular, and a whole industry has grown up to support the interest in modifying Japanese cars. This extensively illustrated book will appeal to all fans of Japanese performance cars.

Gebruikt boek in goede en nette staat, papiercover op hoekjes licht beschadigd, mooi net boek.

Engels, hardcover, 2005, 175 pagina’s, Paul Guinness.

ISBN 1844252221.

EAN 9781844252220.

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