Automotoclub Storico Italiano, una storia di passione lunga cinquant’anni, 50 esimo ASI 1966-2016



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Automotoclub Storico Italiano – Una storia di passione lunga cinquant’anni, 50 esimo ASI 1966-2016.

Prachtig boek over 50 jaar ASI in Italia. Voorzien van 500 foto’s waarvan 200 in zwart-wit en 300 in kleur uitgevoerd.

The book dedicated to 50 years of ASI, written by Danilo Castellarin, tells the long story of passion that from 1966 to 2016 has characterized the movement of car enthusiasts and motorcycles, with more than 500 photos, many of which previously unpublished. A book that becomes the story because not only recalls dates, statutes, foundations with historical accuracy, but describes a whole way of living and feeling the car in the twentieth century, with values, habits, quirks and traditions. A thirty witnesses gallery enriches the book, which also offers a historical chronology that -with short flash- revives hundreds of good and bad events, people, cars and motorcycles, champions, many facts, in short, the warp and woof of the way century of ASI lives.

Italiaans, hardcover, 2016, 365 pagina’s.

ISBN 9788898344444.

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