Aston Martin Lagonda Yesterday’s Tomorrow Today



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Aston Martin Lagonda Yesterday’s Tomorrow Today.

Amazing as it is to 21st century eyes, the Lagonda was beyond astounding when it still in showrooms. Back then, it was science fiction made real. Today, its charm lies in the optimism of another era; a future that in some ways never really arrived and some ways is here in a very real way.

ASTON MARTIN LAGONDA Yesterday’s Tomorrow Today goes into extreme detail about the car, the people behind the car, and the people who bought the car. There is some information on nearly every car made.

With 253 pages and over 785 photos, including photos of almost 400 of the 645 cars produced, this book is a must-have for all enthusiasts.

Engels, paperback, 2018, 254 pagina’s, Richard Vaughan.

ISBN 9781387912704.

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