Alpine La Passion Bleue


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Alpine La Passion Bleue.

Alpine is certainly the most famous brand of French sports cars in the world. It boasts a title of the 1973 World Rally Championship and a victory at Le Mans in 1978. Alpine is also a producer activity and, beyond the emblematic Berlinette A110, has made many other models of value. Rediscover in this book the Alpine series, but also by competition, and the presentation of new models.

Cette nouvelle édition est renforcée par quatre nouvelles séances photos du photographe Etienne Crébessègues, et de la présentation de la nouvelle Alpine. Collection AutoFocus.

Frans, hardcover, 2017-2023, 160 pagina’s, Bernard Sara.

ISBN 9791028302375. (2017)

ISBN 9782385140403. (2023)

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