Allard the Complete Story


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Allard the complete story.

The remarkable story of everything Sydney Herbert Allard achieved in motor sport and motor car manufacture is framed in an up-to-date commentary co-authored by his own son. This is a tribute unswayed by legend, but based on the facts and achievements of his eponymous company. With contributions from the Allard Owners’ Club and Allard Register, this book contains painstaking research of Allard history from 1929 to the present day, including previously unpublished material. Just under 2,000 Allards were built, and approximately 510 are believed to remain on the road or known to be under -restoration. More await discovery – even as this book was being written, one of Sydney’s long-lost 1930s ‘Allard Specials’ has been found after years being forgotten. Other topics covered in this remarkable book include: car-by-car engineering and design details; unseen ideas and projects; the history of the Allard marque in motor sport and the Allard story in the USA. Finally, it features the Allard Owner’s Club, Allard Register, members and their cars.

Engels, hardcover, 2020, 240 pagina’s, Alan Allard, Lance Cole.

ISBN 9781785005596.

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